Who we are

In the year 2017, Hoops for Hope was created as a basketball charity event to raise money against human trafficking under an organization called Hope for Freedom. Our first year hosting this event our attendance was at 209 people and we as a collective raised $2000. In our second-year hosting this event, we raised $5000 and had an attendance of 439 people. Our third-year hosting this event we had an attendance of 600 people and raised another $5000.

Hoops for Hope has been a thriving event where everyone from the community can come together and enjoy their mutual love for basketball and support a great cause simultaneously.
Seeing the success of Hoops for Hope, we have decided to take our mission to the next level and create a non-profit organization by the name of All About Basketball.

All About Basketball is about giving a little with every dribble. We wanted to create a place where family, friends, and basketball lovers can come and gain an experience like no other through tournaments, clinics, basketball workshops, camps, open courts, and many more! We are also giving the community new job opportunities. With this indoor facility, we also want to provide scholarships so student athletes can play ’Travel Basketball’ to excel in their skills and career. Giving back to the homeless is another gesture we want to do for the community giving out food, drinks, clothes, etc. This is what All About Basketball is all about, give a little with every dribble.







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